George Clooney Gifted $1 Million To 14 Friends In 2013


Rande Gerber, one of George Clooney’s best friends recently said that Clooney invited ‘The Boys’, which are just 14 of his close friends over for dinner. And when they arrived, they each saw a black suitcase, on their chairs, MSNBC reported. Currently, Gerber is a successful businessperson and the husband of Cindy Crawford. He co-possesses Casamigos Tequila with Clooney.

George Clooney

“George starts to say, ‘Listen, I need you folks to know how much you mean to me. I came to L.A., and I had nothing. I slept on the lounge chair of your homes. I’m so lucky to have every one of you and I couldn’t be in the place I am today without every one of you,'” Gerber reviewed. “So, it was really important to me that while we’re still all here together, that I give back. So I want you all to open your suitcases.’”

Inside the suitcases, were a million dollars in 20$ bills. “‘You don’t need to stress over your children, you don’t need to stress over school, you don’t need to stress about paying your home loan,'” Gerber proceeded with what Clooney said.  Furthermore, George stated, ‘Not just that, I have paid everybody’s taxes so these million dollars are yours to do what you please.'”

One of ‘The Boys’ was working at a bar in Texas at the air terminal, attempting just to help his family, and rides a bike to work each day. ‘I mean these are folks that have dealt with George and now he’s giving everything back.’ Gerber said, smiling.

Clooney and Gerber

At the time, Gerber says he declined to acknowledge the money, yet shared that Clooney said on the off chance that he didn’t, at that point he wouldn’t give the cash to any of The Boys. “All or nothing, my dear friend.” Gerber acknowledged the cash, yet says he gave it to philanthropy.

Gerber shared the story as a demonstration of Clooney’s character. “This is George’s identity,” he said. “That was on September 27, 2013. On September 27, 2014, he weds Amal Clooney. Now that is great karma.”

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