Does India In A Position To Sustain Two Wars With China And Pakistan Simultaneously?


Things are getting worse at the LAC and LOC. Pakistan is continuously violating the ceasefire at LOC. Now, our 20 soldiers of the Indian Army are martyred at LAC Galwan Valley, Ladakh, in India-China faceoff. The numbers may increase. It is going out of control. Prime Minister Narendra Modi clarified that the sacrifice of our soldiers would not be wasted. India wants peace and also knows how to revert. World War 3 started trending on twitter when this news came out. Both countries have nuclear missiles and weapons.

India Position War China

There is already tension between China and various countries of the Word due to coronavirus pandemic. President Donald Trump of the USA has openly blamed China for coronavirus. Many companies have already made their minds to pack up from China. Some of them have even shown interest in shifting their operations in India. There is also a protest going on against China in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Now the question is, Does India in a position to sustain two front wars directly with China and Pakistan simultaneously? Let us find out. If China opens a new front war against India, then the following things will happen:



China Japan

Japan will get alerted immediately; China has to face a response from Japan as soon as an attack starts. China has to divide its forces.


Vietnam Against China

China Vietnam

Like Japan, Vietnam will be on alert, and they can launch an offensive against China. They have a long-standing rivalry with China. China cannot send its entire force and Army to LAC.


North Korea – South Korea

North Korea South Korea

There is a tension between North Korea and South Korea. Recently, North Korea blew up an inter-Korean liaison office amid rising tensions between the rivals. If North Korea starts a new front to support the Chinese Army, South Korea will launch an attack in retaliation.


The United States Of America

American Seven Fleet

The United States Of America has a Mutual Defense Agreement with South Korea. Currently, the United States of America is a good friend to India and not in a mood to forgive the Chinese for spreading coronavirus. American Seventh Fleet will move into action.



Russia China

Russia is also suffering from coronavirus pandemic. Also, according to a Mutual Defense Agreement, an attack on India is an attack on Russia. Thus a full-scale world war starts.



India Israel

Israel is the best friend of India and will always be ready to support India in any situation. The country will involve in this war. Israel is one of the powerful countries with advanced equipment and weapons.


India – Nepal Tension

India Nepal Border Dispute

Tension is rising between India and Nepal as well. Recently, Nepal has passed an amendment on a new map claiming territories Kalapani, Limpiyadhura, and Liplekh held by India. Nepal will be supporting China in this war.


Pakistan’s Issues

Pakistan Balochistan

Pakistan, who is planning to attack India, has its internal problems. There is a protest from the people of Balochistan and Sindh province. They are protesting for their freedom. Afghanistan is a friend of India and is equally facing issues of terrorism from Pakistan. Pakistan has borders with Afghanistan, and they have to split their armies as well in both the borders.


India: Biggest Consumer Base In The World

India China Trade

China exports to India worth around USD 60413.17 Million. Its total trade with India amounts to USD 72347.42 Million. India is the most significant consumer base in the world.

India has recently helped many countries with medicines at this pandemic. The image of India is clear and good in the entire world. While other countries now see China as a suspicious country after coronavirus. No country in the world is in a position to go into war with India if they are concerned with their Economic Development. Forget Pakistan, who is already in debt from many countries.

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