These Things Even The President Of The USA Cannot Do

even the president donald trump cant do certain thingsvia

When your job title is ‘President of the United States’ (POTUS) then it’s obvious you are handed over with a lot of Power and along with that comes a lot of responsibilities. Do you think if you are the president of the United States you can walk out of your house whenever you wish to? Can you afford to just think about yourself? You can take out your car and go hang around with friends wherever you like? NO! Your life will not remain normal in any aspect. From driving alone to choosing a smartphone there a lot of things POTUS cannot do. There are also a lot of things we believe he can do but in reality, they aren’t in his scope of authority.

Let’s have a look at things he isn’t allowed to do!


1. Have Other Incomes

President cant have other incomes

The president is given a Government Salary for the duties performed by him. He cannot find other ways of earning money other than the salary. Any kind of investment he makes is generally transferred to the blind trust until the POTUS leaves the office.


2. Let The Wind Flow In

president cant open the windows

The POTUS isn’t allowed to open his windows. Yes, you read that right! He is not allowed to open the windows of White House or the official transportation due to security reasons as per the Secret Service.


3. Unassisted In Public

president caqnt .go unassisted in public

The Secret Service has one job and that’s to keep the POTUS safe. So, the President cannot leave without giving a 4-hour prior notice to them.


4. To Declare A War

president cant declare war

Congress is the one who has the power to declare a war on any country. Though the president isn’t allowed to announce a war his signatures are needed on the declaration of the war. So, before the war horns blow it’s really the congress who can take the call.

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