Places In The World Which Are Clouded With Mind Boggling Mysteries

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Nature’s beauty is no match. Many times, even after seeing it is difficult to believe that there is such a unique place on earth. At the same time, there are some places which have remained a mystery from the scientists to the people. Here we are talking about some such mysterious places.


1. Inuit Village, Canada Near Engine Lake

Inuit Village, Canada Mystery

Mysteriously one night a village in Canada disappeared, without any notice. The village got completely destroyed in one night and there was no information about those who lived here. From people’s belongings to weapons everything is available at their own places. At the same time, the dogs froze (got rooted) in their place. It is said that they were victims of starvation while there was food scattered all around. No logical theory has been brought out so far. Some people believe that aliens kidnapped people from here.


2. Racetrack Playa, Death Valley, California

Racetrack Playa, Death Valley Mystery

Death Valley, located in California, USA, is no less than a secret for the people. This is a place where stones displace themselves; these have been named as Sailing Stones. These racetrack areas have seen stones up to 320 kg change their positions. A lot of scientists are researching to find the cause. It has also been revealed that on a cold night, with the help of ice panels, they can cover a distance of 224 meters.


3. Blood Falls, Antarctica

Blood Falls, Antarctica Mystery

Antarctica’s blood-red waterfall flows through the McMurdo dry valley. Scientists believe that when the iron ore containing iron ore from the Taylor Glacier falls on the snow-covered surface, then it looks red-coloured. For the first time in 1911, Australian geologist Griffith Taylor saw this red water, after which it was later revealed that it is a saline water with iron ore.

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