Places In The World Which Are Clouded With Mind Boggling Mysteries

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4. Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle Mystery

Bermuda Triangle is one of the mysterious places of the world. This is a triangle connecting America’s Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. By the time they reach the sea the big sea and the aeroplanes disappear. Neither ship nor the travellers pass the Triangle. Scientists have been engaged in solving this mystery for many years. In 2016 some scientist claimed to have solved this mystery. Scientists have claimed that the Bermuda Triangle has the power to stretch the heaviest things on its side due to the hexagonal shape of the clouds. These clouds and the winds of 170 mph increase together when they collide with a ship or aeroplane it drags them into the bottom of the ocean.


5. Island of Dolls, Mexico

Island of Dolls, Mexico Mystery

17 miles south of Mexico City is a small island called ‘La Isla de la Munnicos’. However, it is famously known as the Dolls Island, because there are thousands of scary and broken dolls hanging over here. It is said that the person who visits this island is killed, which later becomes a tree on a tree. However, this is an illusion.


6. Stonehenge, England

Stonehenge, England Mystery

This shape of stones in Wiltshire, England, is known as Stonehenge. It is present in South Plains in Salisbury. Archaeologists believe that it was made in 3000-2000 BC. However, what was the motive behind the creation of them, it is still a mystery.

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