Things That Indians Should Learn From Japan And Follow


Indians usually feel proud of their ancient Indian culture and talks a lot about that. But I see they don’t show that in actions. Many people give lectures about corruption but when they or their children enter government, they are the one who becomes corrupt.

Most of the people don’t try to change their attitude towards society and their parents also don’t bother to teach them ethics. These days, Indian parents are not even thinking to inculcate discipline and good habits to their children.

Indian parents give their children whatever they ask. Be it a costly smartphone, bike, pocket money. They just don’t bother how they behave outside. If every parent brings up their children in a proper manner, then no one drinks, smokes or takes drugs. No one disrespects women. No one disobeys traffic rules. No one gives bribe to others. And the list goes on.

However, the Japanese are not like others. They are known for their discipline. Even though Japan faced many nuclear attempts, it stood as an example for other countries in development. Japan which is called the “land of rising sun” gives importance to technology, rituals, quality, and income.

The cultural practices and random facts about Japanese culture make Japan a must visit destination.

Japan is not like any other country and you will also say yes to it after reading these facts. These are the things that other countries should learn from Japan.

1. Drink Cans Will Have Name Written On Braille



2. Bus Drivers Strike In Japan Is Different


If bus drivers are on strike, they continue driving but refuse to take a fare from passengers. It means, everything is on time in Japan but costing the bus companies gas on top of lost revenue. They hurt only company not the customer. If Indians could follow this type of protest, how beautiful it be. But I know, it will never happen.


3. Fans Stayed To Clean Up After FIFA World Cup 2014 Match


In India, people consider fanism in a different way. The actors and actress, sportsmen just act or play for money just like any others work for money. But people build temples for them, die for them. Yeah, a blind fanism!

But in Japan, that’s not the scenario. After the FIFA World Cup 2014 match, Japanese fans stayed behind to help clean up.


4. Japan Provides Healthy Hospital Food


In Japan, hospital people provide hygienic and healthy food to patients and pregnant women. It is very clean than diet food; cleaned vegetables are boiled and cooked without any food colors. If the hospital staff makes a mistake about the food they are dismissed. And they are forced to pay the fine. We know the scenario in Indian government hospitals.


5. Baby Seats Are Attached To The Walls In Bathroom


The only mother knows how difficult it is when they have to use the bathroom urgently. It will be good if the Indian government could follow this.

Pavani Bharathula
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