Things That Indians Should Learn From Japan And Follow


6. In Japanese Toilets, You Can Wash Your Hands And Reuse The Water For Your Next Flush


There is water scarcity all over the world. It should be incorporated everywhere.


7. Japanese School Children Clean Their Classrooms As Part Of Gratitude


In India, school children just listen to classes and go back home. But In Japan, students clean benches and classrooms as part of showing gratitude to the school. By doing this way, they also learn how to become more productive members of society. If this is followed in India, parents become angry and will organize strikes.


8. Just Look At The Manhole Covers. Beautiful, Isn’t It?


There are so many potholes all over India. The Indian government never cares.


9. This Picture Itself Says How Smooth The Bullet Train Is In Japan


You don’t even feel that the train is moving. And we know, how it is in India.


10. The Note Says, “I Accidentally Knocked Over Your Bike And Broke The Bell. I Am Very Sorry”


I don’t think this will happen in India. People shout back and put the blame on others.

Pavani Bharathula
I am Pavani, stands for highly deterministic, self-motivator, highly individual, independent and bold person; like to inspire and motivate people through my writings and speeches.