‘Panmunjom’ Border, Separating North Korea And South Korea Is The Most Dangerous Border In The World



We all know the situation between North Korea and South Korea is quite intense. Moreover, there is chronic threat over South Korea as the dictator of North Korea can swing his mood anytime and he has already cleared that. Rivalry between the two Korean countries is one of the most intense of this era. Hence, the border that divides the countries is synonymous to danger. There is a small demilitarized zone on the border of the two Korean countries that is considered as the most dangerous area. The area is known as Panmunjom.


‘Panmunjom’- Small Area With Most Deadliest Weapons In The World


‘Panmunjom’ is a small village located 55 kilometer North to Seoul. Six decades ago the Korean countries agreed on peace on this place. However, the things are quite changed in the six decades. In the demilitarized zone, many US soldiers stand along with the South Korean soldiers. Moreover, the soldiers are always ready for war. Hence, this small area encompasses some of the deadliest weapons in the world.


A Famous Tourist Spot


Despite being a dangerous place, it is one of the most famous tourist spots in South Korea. Thousands of tourists visit this place each year. The journey from Seoul to Panmunjom encompasses utterly beautiful sceneries.


Certain Rules For The Tourists


Inside the area, there are certain rules for the tourists. The life of a tourist is not the responsibility of the troops. Entering the area, the tourists are responsible if they lose their lives. Moreover, the tourists have to follow a certain dress code. All in all, they are strictly prohibited to make any sign or sound towards a North Korean soldier. Furthermore, they cannot make eye contact with the North Korean Soldiers.

Despite this much intensity, it is a must visit place. What do you say? Share with us.

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