Here Are The Countries Which Own Nuclear Missiles And The Numbers

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Having a nuclear missile is a prestigious issue for every country. Nuclear weapons act as a deterrent force. More and more countries are joining the race of having nuclear missiles and doing their nuclear tests. The missile man of India, Late A.P.J Abdul Kalam once said that “Today, India is a nuclear weapons state.” He urged India to build up its military strength and to free itself from the threat of domination by outside forces. Kalam played a crucial role when India tested its nuclear weapons in 1998. Because of Late Abdul Kalam’s intelligence and bravery, India could get a place in the list of major nuclear states in the world and continues to expand its nuclear power. Only 9 countries have nuclear missiles, and India is one of them. Here is the list of countries which own nuclear missiles.


1. Russia Owns 6,800 Nuclear Weapons


That’s a big number right! In March 2018, President Vladimir Putin claimed that Russia has developed a new array of nuclear weapons that are invincible. Russia has done 715 nuclear tests and owns 6,800 approx missiles. It performed the first nuclear test in August 1949 and the most recent test in October 1990.


2. The USA Owns 6,550 Nuclear Weapons


The USA concerned about Russia’s growing tactical nuclear weapons and trying to expand its nuclear capabilities. We also know about the nuclear issue between the USA and North Korea which is quite in news repetitively. So far, USA has done 1030 nuclear tests and owns around 6,550 nuclear missiles. It performed the first test in July 1945 and the most recent test in September 1992.


3. France Owns 300 Nuclear Weapons


France was the fourth country to join the so-called Nuclear Club. It doesn’t want to depend on the U.S.A. for its nuclear defense after having a troubled history with the USA. Approximately 210 nuclear tests have been carried out by France and they own around 300 nuclear missiles. It performed the first nuclear test in February 1960 and the most recent test in January 1996.

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