Here Are The Countries Which Own Nuclear Missiles And The Numbers

Nuclear Missilesvia

7. India Owns 130 Nuclear Missiles


India has a growing nuclear arsenal because of decades of conflict with neighboring Pakistan which also possesses nuclear weapons. India has done 3 nuclear tests so far and owns around 130 nuclear missiles. The first test was carried out in May 1974 and the most recent one in May 1998.


8. Israel Owns 80 Nuclear Missiles


Israel possesses advanced conventional military capabilities and owns around 80 nuclear missiles. It hasn’t performed any nuclear test.


9. North Korea Owns 20 Nuclear Missiles


North Korea’s nuclear programme remains a source of deep concern for the international community. It has conducted several tests with nuclear bombs. North Korea has carried out 6 approx nuclear tests and owns 10 to 20 nuclear missiles. It performed the first nuclear test in October 2006 and last in September 2017.

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What is your opinion about this? Do you think India is lagging in the nuclear field when compared to Russia and USA? Share us in the comments. If you want to know about the countries that spend the most on the defense budget, then read it here.

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