Check Out This List Of Countries Which Spend The Most On Defense Budget

Defense Budget Of Countriesvia

The military is the strength of any country. Besides the security purpose, the military maintains the international peace. Hence, a country has to spend huge amounts as the defense budget. This is to keep the military attributed to the latest technology. The USA is the top country according to the military expenses. This year it spent $610 Billion on its army. The amount is comparatively higher than the military expenses of any other country. Today we have brought you top ten countries that spend the highest amount on its military.


10. South Korea – Rs 2.61 Lakh Crore

Defense Budget South Korea

South Korea is living under the chronic threats of North Korea. To conclude, it is the necessity of the country to add new weapons to their arsenal. Hence, a huge defense has been passed for this purpose. This year the amount was Rs 2.61 Lakh Crore.


9. Germany – Rs 2.95 Lakh Crore

Defense Budget Germany

The German armed forces (Bundeswehr) have a strength of more than 179,653 soldiers. It is certain that maintaining a huge armed force will cause a huge amount. This year, Germany spent Rs 2.95 Lakh crore on its armed forces.


8. Japan – Rs 3.03 Lakh Crore

Defense Budget Japan

The Japanese armed forces were established in 1954 and they are controlled by the ministry of defense. The Japanese armed forces are increasing cooperation with the USA, India, South Korea, and Australia. Moreover, they spend a huge part of the defense budget to develop new technology.

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