These Deadliest Terrorist Weapons Can Cause Havoc In The World

Most Dangerous Terrorist Weaponsvia

The tactics of terrorism are diverse. Moreover, they can form weapons from the things which seems useless to us. Day after day, the Terrorism is strengthening its grip over the world. Today, we have brought you the list of some of the Terrorist weapons.


1. Conventional Firearms

Most Dangerous Terrorist Weapons

The conventional firearms are among the most dangerous Terrorist weapons of all time. Usually, the bombs are considered the reason for the mass murders but in many attacks, the terrorists caused havoc with guns and partly bombs.


2. Animal Bombs

Most Dangerous Terrorist Weapons

Everyone was shocked when it was revealed that Al Qaida tried to blast an international flight with animal bombs back in 2008. They tied a couple of bombs to the dogs, however, the bomb blasted in the midway and both of the dogs died.


3. Nuclear Weapons

Most Dangerous Terrorist Weapons

It is believed that no terrorist group could acquire the nuclear weapon. They may not have the access to the nuclear weapons but there is a chronic threat as they get their hands on a nuclear weapon, they will head for a mass murder.

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