Interesting Facts About Israel’s Wall Which Protects It Day In And Day Out




When talking of Israel, the thing which first comes in our mind is its technology and defence system. Surrounded by all hostile forces, Israel has equipped himself with a ballistic missile system. Moreover, Israel has built such a technologically advanced wall on its borders that's always in the news headlines for one reason or the other. The wall is so strong that it can't be trespassed by anyone. According to Israel, there has been a drastic drop in the number of attacks the country has faced in the recent years.

The technologically advanced Israel's wall is built on a technology which in the current time, is only possessed by Israel and the USA. The work on this wall started way back in 1994 with fencing. The budget though was 1 billion dollar but the actual expenditure was just double, estimated to be at 20 lakh dollars per kilometre. The wall has led to a drop in attacks by 90% and has also helped the country to reduce the money spent on army and use it elsewhere. Spread through an area of 20,000 Km, this wall covers an entire 1068 Km long border of Israel. At some places, it is 16 feet while at others it has razor fencing. At the most sensitive places, this wall extends to 8 foot inside the ground. Let’s have a look at top 5 special features of this wall-

1. Sensors


2 billion dollars. That is 12,354 crore rupees. That's the amount that was spend to build this wall. And more is being spend every year to maintain the wall. The wall stretches to 700 Km and on an average 10 metre is long. The wall is equipped with sensors which can record any activity even 10 metre down the ground and there are check posts every few Km lined up with the wall.


2. Drones


Israel has a satellite system of its own which it doesn't share with any other country. Thus, it has the capability to use drones and it effectively uses them to keep a watch on its wall.


3. 3D Sensor Imaging Device

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According to a site "Popular Mechanics", an Israel company has made a device through which it is possible to see through the wall. The device is used on the wall at many places and it is capable of giving information about any activity near the wall.


4. Bulletproof Cabins

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To further ensure the border security and safety of the wall and its soldiers, Israel has built numerous bulletproof cabins on top of its wall. These cabins, besides keeping a watch on the wall, are also equipped with night vision camera and lens in order to assist better visibility even in the dark.


5. Two Walls

Two WallsRef

At several places where the human settlements are just some kilometres away from the wall, there are 2 walls instead of one for greater safety of its citizens. That is, just a few metres away from the wall, there is a second wall. Israeli soldiers patrol in between the space between the walls all throughout the day.

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