Crazy Things That Happened For The First Time In History

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13. The First Appearance Of Neon Light In Las Vegas, 1941

First Neon Light

This was reportedly installed in Las Vegas at El Rancho casino after which it got widely popular and was soon installed everywhere in Vegas.


14. The First Artificial Intelligence Enabled Robot, 1957

The First Artificial Intelligence Enabled Robot

This Robot was a 2.5 m tall object with a control panel provided for using its functions. It provided assistance in chemical experiments involving poisonous substances.


15. The First Public Appearance In Bikini, 1946

The First Public Appearance In Bikini

This new type of swimsuit was created by Paris fashion designer Louis Reard and was named after Bikini Atoll where four days earlier the USA had conducted Nuclear Test.


16. The First Satellite In Space, 1957

First Satellite In Space

Sputnik-1 was launched by the Soviet Union in low earth orbit on October 4, 1957. It remained in orbit for three months and completed 1440 orbits of the earth. The total distance traveled is estimated to be 70 million km.


17. The First Man-Made Total Artificial Heart, 2015

First Artificial Heart

Developed by Massachusetts-based Company AbioMed. Due advancement in medical sciences and biosensors, plastics it was fully implantable within the human body. With an expected life of 18 months, it was only compatible with men who had a large frame. Abicor was implanted into a total of 15 patients but due to some reasons, its development was stopped.

The world has seen so much and advanced so much. Over the years some of the craziest first-time appearances in the history still drives us crazy and are funny to recall. Now that we have had a look at the real world innovations, have you ever thought about what goes on in a person’s head? The imagination is a powerful tool and can create amazing works and illustrations inside your head. Check out some amazing illustrations that will give a new insight to life.

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