Crazy Things That Happened For The First Time In History

First Time In Historyvia

5. The First Selfie, 1989

First Selfie

Robert Cornelius, an American photographer is credited with the first selfie in history. He produced a daguerreotype of himself in 1839 and recorded on back the first photograph ever taken.


6. Lightning Captured In A Photograph, 1882

First lightning photograph

The photographer who is credited to photograph lightning for the first time in history is William Nicholson Jennings. He also went on to conduct experiments with color photography and artificial Lightning.


7. The First Three Color Photograph, 1861

First three-coloured photograph

This color photograph which employed a three-color method in history was first suggested by James Clerk Maxwell on a paper of color vision in 1855. It is a color ribbon usually known as Tartan Ribbon.


8. Henry Ford’s First Car

First car of henry ford

The first car to be produced by Henry Ford is Ford Model A which began production in 1903. A total Of 1750 Ford Model A was produced from 1903 to 1904. It was replaced by Ford Model C in 1904.

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