Crazy Things That Happened For The First Time In History

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9. Christmas Tree In Mid-Town Manhattan, 1931

First Christmas Tree in Manhattan

As recounted by Daniel Okrent an unofficial Christmas tree tradition which also happens the first began at Rockefeller Center during the Depression-era construction of the Center, when a small 20-foot balsam fir was decorated by workers using strings of cranberries, garlands of paper, and even a few tin cans on Christmas Eve of 1931.


10. The First Person To Jump Over Niagara Falls, 1901

First Person to jump over Niagara

An American school teacher, Annie Edson Taylor survived a jump from Niagara Falls on her birthday, October 24, 1901. Although she wanted to earn some money she couldn’t earn much by doing this.


11. The First Woman Motorcyclist, 1937

First Women Motorcyclist

Sally Robinson was also known as Sally Halterman became the first woman in history to receive a motorcycle license in September 1937. Due to her short height of 4 feet 11 inches she had a lot of trouble in getting a license. But after a long duel with authorities, she was finally granted a motorcycle license.


12. The First Appearance Of McDonald’s, 1948

First Appearance Of McDonald’s

This McDonald appeared adjacent to the Monrovia Airport in 1937. A tiny octagonal building which was informally known as The Airdrome. It originally served barbeque drive-in but afterward, it started selling hamburgers, potato chips, and orange juice.

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