These Amazing Species Of Pets And Their Expensive Costs Will Surprise You

Exotic and Expensive Pet Speciesvia

6. White Lion Cubs

White Lion Cubs Exotic Pets

This species of Lions arose from a mutation of genes that were observed among the pack found in the remote reserves of South Africa. They are characterized by their white coat of fur and light colored eyes. They are extremely rare and hence expensive. They have been sold at price up to $138,000.


7. Lavender Albino Ball Python

Albino Python Exotic Pet

This species of Ball Pythons arose from a recessive gene mutation that results in the natural color morphing of the species. They are known for their pastel-colored skin and light lavender colored scales and ruby red dark eyes. This exotic reptile can be cared for in the same way as other Ball Pythons. They are native to Western parts of South Africa. They have been held at a whopping price of $40,000.


8. The Palm Cockatoo

Palm Cockatoo Exotic Pet

This exotic species of cockatoo are characterized by their long black beaks, dark red cheek patch and a beautiful crest. They are known to be extremely friendly and social. Their cheek patch tends to change color when they are excited or alarmed. They cost around $16,000.


9. Lancelot Encore

Lancelot Encore Exotic Pet

This particular dog is the result of a successful cloning of a couple’s late Labrador. His intriguing creation adds a hefty price to worth. His litter of puppies is now priced at $16,000,000 each. Lancelot makes for a fascinating pet for sure.


10. De Brazza’s Monkey

De Brazza's Monkey Pets species

These exotic species of monkey are famous for their white muzzles that resemble an old man’s beard. They are named after a famous Italian explorer. They possess a distinct orange crest. They communicate animatedly and have a variety of facial expressions. Safe to say, they would be quite the entertaining pets. They are presently sold for around $10,000.

Maybe not all of us can afford expensive pets like these, but it sure would be cool to own them. These rare and exotic pets would add a whole new level of excitement to their companion’s life.
So which of these pets do you think is worth the enormous expense? Also we humans are so sympathetic towards animals that we have released laws to protect endangered and normal species alike. Check out these animal right which you should be aware of!