Watch Video: Pitbull Attacks A Boy In Ghaziabad; Stray Dogs Try To Rescue Him As Locals Stand By

Heroic Stray Dogs Rescue Boy from Pit Bull Attack Caught on Camera

Pitbull Attacks A Boy Stray Dogs Try To Rescue

In a sensational and heart-halting moment captured on CCTV, stray dogs became the startling hero as they saved a 15-year-old kid from a dangerous pitbull attack in Ghaziabad, near Delhi.


Pitbull Attack Caught On Camera

The disturbing scene unfurled as Altaf, the boy who got attacked, wound up enduring an attack by a neighbor’s dog. The recording shows the pit bull attacking the harmless kid while observers, including a man and a lady, looked on without mediating the situation to control it. Altaf battled frantically, kicking and moving on the ground in a move to free himself from the dog’s grasp. It is a quick action by a person throwing water from the balcony overhead to distract the dog. Notwithstanding his battles, Altaf figured out how to get to his feet and run towards a home for security, with the dog in fierce mode to attack further.


Homeless Dogs Act As The Hero

As Altaf gripped an entryway of a house in an effort to find shelter, a group of stray dogs unexpectedly charged at the pitbull. The bold intervention of stray dogs permitted Altaf to escape into the house of a neighbor. The pitbull’s owner recently moved into the area, notwithstanding warnings and alerts from neighbors about the unacceptability of keeping such a breed in the locality. Also, following the incident, the Municipal Corporation took charge of the aggressive pitbull.


Growing Concerns And Government Action

This episode reveals insight into the developing worries encompassing fierce dog breeds. Recently, the main government guided states to boycott the deal and breeding of 23 such varieties. Also, Pitbull Terriers, American Bulldogs, Rottweilers, and Mastiffs, because of ever-increasing occurrences of pet dog attacks.


Current Condition Of The Victim After Pit Bull Attack

Altaf is going through treatment at a Hospital in Delhi. Shockingly, no formal complaint has been filed with the nearby police stations in regard to the attack. Thus, this nerve-racking incident fills in as a distinct sign of the significance of dependable pet ownership and the fearlessness shown by stray dogs, even with the risk. Therefore, the video of this salvage has caught the attention of many. Therefore displaying the boldness of these unrecognized yet truly great individuals in safeguarding those out of luck.

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