Vantara: The Royal Menu For Elephants At Anant Ambani’s Jamnagar Rescue Centre

Vantara Elephant Food Menu

Vantara, owned by Anant Ambani, passionately cares for nearly 200 rescued elephants, offering top-notch facilities and specialized care. In Jamnagar, these gentle giants enjoy personalized food plans, swimming sessions, enrichment programs, and more.


Introduction To Vantara And Anant Ambani Vision


Anant Ambani’s idea to build a top-notch center for injured and endangered animals gave rise to Vantara in Jamnagar. At the expansive rescue center, more than 200 elephants are currently supported by this program and are leading the greatest lives possible. On Vantara’s official Instagram account, a peek into their daily routine was given. The Radhe Krishna Temple Elephant Welfare Trust (RKTEWT), which occupies 600 acres at Reliance’s Jamnagar complex, gained notoriety after Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant held their pre-wedding events in Jamnagar earlier this month.


Luxury Living For Rescued Elephants


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Anant Ambani stated, “My vision is that at Vantara in Jamnagar, we would like to be the world’s most advanced Wildlife Institute.” In order to achieve this, the rescue center provides the elephants with every luxury imaginable, including customized feeding plans and a special Jacuzzi where hot water helps the elderly and injured jumbos feel better. The RKTEWT kitchen is manned by professionals who prepare meals according to each elephant’s “unique dietary needs.” Elephants may consume up to 130 kg of food per day, so this is no easy feat. An image of the menu that was posted on Instagram depicts the meals that the female elephant Leelawati would eat on a typical day.

Detailed Dietary Plans

Vantara Programme

One ragi laddu, ten kilograms of khichadi, one roti, and one kilogram of pellets make up Leelawati’s breakfast. A midmorning snack of alfalfa and green fodder comes next. Lunch consists of 2 kg of fruit and 3 kg of vegetables, coupled with “enrichment” in the shape of branches and leaves. The elephant eats 10 kg of dry feed (sorghum) at dinner to round out her day. The rescue center feeds the elephants apples, pomegranates, carrots, and other fruits. It also showed popcorn bags being ready for the friendly giants.


Anant Ambani’s Commitment To Animal Welfare


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In addition to sustenance and medical attention, Vantara’s elephants benefit from swimming pool time enrichment. Did you know that Vantara’s jumbos have their own jacuzzi? The official Vantara Instagram account posts, “Introducing our hydrotherapy pond with 260 high-pressure jets that emit lukewarm water.” “The elderly and injured elephants with medical conditions who were previously victims of the circus or entertainment industry find relief from their ailments from the hot water.”

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