Astonishing And Surprising Facts About The Music Industry


Music is omnipresent. It has a charm of its own to calm the soul. There’s music for everyone’s taste and every occasion. You could be listening to music at the moment while reading this, but are you aware of some unbelievable facts about music and the music industry?


1. Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday Song made by Music Industry

This song is sung almost 3,50,000+ times a day but has copyrights. The Warner Music Company earns a licensing fee of $2million/year for the song. The copyright will expire in 2030 in the USA.


2. One Take Song

Celine Dion Music My Heart will go one

The ever famous song ‘ My Heart Will Go On’ wasn’t supposed to be shot at all. The director asked Celine Dion to record a demo and she nailed it in one take. It didn’t need a retake; so, the global hit is actually a demo!


3. In The Guinness Book Of World Records

Mariah Carey Guiness World Record Music

Mariah Carey’s unbelievable ability to reach beyond the 7th octave had her featured in the Guinness book of world records. She is capable of hitting the highest notes ever produced by a human voice. She claims to have done so by working on the nodules of her vocal chords.


4. One Arm Drumming

Ricky Allen One arm drum music

Rick Allen, a famous drummer of earlier times, lost his arm in an accident. That didn’t stop him from learning to play an instrument; he brought together an electronic drumkit that had additional foot triggers. He drummed using a single arm and played phenomenally well.


5. National Anthem

Japanese National Anthem Music

Japan has the shortest anthem; as short as four lines. In contrast, Greece has the longest anthem with about 158 stanzas.