Astonishing And Surprising Facts About The Music Industry



6. Longest Concert

Longest Music Concert

The world’s longest concert is estimated to complete in 639 years. It began in 2001 in Germany’s St Burchard Church. It is estimated to end in the year 2640.


7. Fastest Rap

Ricky Brown NoClue Rap Music

A Rapper called Ricky Brown who raps under the name NoClue has been credited for being the fastest rapper in the world. In 2005, he set a world record by rapping 723 syllables in a very short span of time of 51.27 seconds.


8. Metallica

Mettalica Played Music On Seven Continents

The famous metal band called Metallica is the first and only band to have performed on all seven continents. They have left their mark on every land. They played a concert in Antarctica known as ‘Freeze Em All’.


9. Developer Of Guitars

Leo Fender Guitar Music

Leo Fender is renowned for being the first one to develop an electric bass guitar and solid-body electric guitar. Would you believe that he never learned to play either of them?


10. Music In Space

Chris Hanfield Music In Space

Chris Hadfield is a Canadian astronaut who released an album of songs. This album was unique in terms of the location it was recorded in; the space.