Astonishing And Surprising Facts About The Music Industry



11. The Beatles’ History

The Beatles Music History

The band consists of four people; all of them were poor and miserable in their childhood. Who knew the entire world would listen to their melodies and they’d become everyone’s favourite band?


12. Shortest Rock Song

Shortest Rock Music In The World

The shortest rock song in history is as short as 1.136 seconds. It’s called ‘You Suffer’ by Napalm Death.


13. Tiniest Guitar

Smallest guitar in the music world

All of us have heard of miniature art, but this one is a miniature musical instrument. The smallest guitar in the world is as small as a speck of dust. Its size has been measured up to 2microns.


14. Most Expensive Opera Costume

Expensive Opera costume

Opera costumes are fancy and glamorous. The most expensive Opera costume of all times cost an 8-digit number; $23,025,028. It was worn by Adelina Patti back in 1895.


15. War With A Twist

US played load music for 2 days to win war

The US invaded Panama in 1989. They used a very peculiar method to make the dictator surrender. The USA military played loud songs of AC/DC at General Noreiga’s compound for two days straight. This technique was a huge success as the general surrendered in the end.

These are only a few of the many feats done in the music industry. These achievements not only changed the artist’s career but the whole music industry as well. It inspired many more artist to break boundaries to achieve greatness. Anyways, what is a musician without his/her instrument? An instrument is vital to an artist but some of these instruments just make us wonder what they actually do due to their peculiar design. Check out these baffling and strange musical instruments which will leave you amazed.