These Amazing Species Of Pets And Their Expensive Costs Will Surprise You

Exotic and Expensive Pet Speciesvia

Long gone are the days when you would find a puppy or a kitten by the road, it would follow you home and an instant-companionship is formed. These days, you connect with your future companions via social media and they cross the seas sometimes to become a part of your kin. These pets range from exotic to rare and this uniqueness doesn’t come cheap. In fact, there are animals out there that cost more than your average annual income! Here’s a look at some of the most amazing species and pets around the globe.


1. The Green Monkey

The Green Monkey Exotic Pets

Although the name can be a lot misleading, the Green Monkey is so far removed from our beloved primates that they are not even of the same genus. The Green Monkey is a thoroughbred whose speed is unmatched to date. He was sold at a staggering sum of $16,000,000 in 2006 making it the highest ever paid for a horse at an auction.


2. The Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetian Mastiff Exotic Pet

This giant breed of a dog is a furry pet that few can afford. The breed is known for its protective instincts and can be easily trained. They were once used to protect livestock from predators during grazing, now due to their high demand they are prized and coveted. The puppies are sold at an average of $582,000, making them one of the most expensive dog breeds in the world.


3. Hyacinth Macaw

Hyacinth Macaw Pets

This vibrantly colored species of parrot is named after its color resemblance to the Hyacinth flowers. This species is the largest of the parrots and is predominant to parts of South America. Their exquisite coloring and distinctively shaped beaks make them a favorite among the bird lovers. They are worth up to $14000, an expensive bird indeed.


4. Savannah Cats

Savannah Cats Exotic Pets

The Savannah cats are a hybrid between common domestic cats and other cat breeds, wild ones even. The result is one magnificent creature with a lithe body and an impressive gait. They are prideful creatures but therein lay their charm. They are friendly and playful and also a little costly at over $12000 on popular mixes.


5. The Stag Beetle

Stag Beetle Pet

The smallest pet on our list but a heavy contender indeed. This rare and exotic beetle variety is famous across many parts of Europe. It is known for the unusual shape of its antler and the strength of its mandibles. They have been sold up to a colossal amount of $89,000.