Watch: A Stray Dog Seeks Shelter In Mumbai’s West Side Store During The Rain; Netizens Praise Ratan Tata

Stray Dog In Mumbai West Side Store

A sweet video that went viral shows a stray dog in Mumbai’s West Side store. The dog was looking for refuge from a downpour. This deed of generosity has been praised on the internet, where many people have praised Ratan Tata. Further, the store was praised for its goodwill in providing the dog with a dry, secure place to stay throughout the storm. Also, with hundreds of likes, shares, and comments, the video has received a lot of attention on social media.


Stray Dog Seeks Shelter In West Side Store Mumbai


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A post shared by Aditi Khinchi (

Actor and blogger Aditi Khinchi thanked Ratan Tata for his kindness towards animals in an Instagram video she posted of a West Side store, a Tata enterprise giving shelter to a stray dog in Mumbai during a downpour.

She shared the video in her writing,  “Today I saw this doggo sitting peacefully at @westsidestores in my city while it was raining and I was surprised because it’s not very common here. No one allows dogs or cats to take shelter in their showrooms.” She continued, expressing her gratitude, “Then I realized that it’s TATA Enterprises and who owns it 🤎 @ratantata sir thanks so much 🤎 thanks to the staff who was so kind to give shelter to this dog during heavy rainfall ✨Kindness still exists.”


People Are In Awe

The video received several comments from Instagram users, amassing over 74,000 likes. A user wrote, Innately the babies know that Tata stores will not chase them away…” Another remarked, “This world is beautiful because of animals, birds fishes, etc. After all, they too deserve a safe and comfortable life.” Others commented, “Ratan Tata the gem …good fellows foundation for elderly…foundation for animals n stray dogs personal staying at concessional rates in taj ..hard to imagine India’s profess without him.”


Ratan Tata Earns Praise

Ratan Tata

Renowned industrialist Ratan Tata is well known for his affection for dogs in particular. A LinkedIn user revealed in May that she had discovered Tata had given the Taj Hotel employees in Mumbai instructions to handle stray animals with kindness if they were to walk into the property. Tata’s kind advice, which garnered media attention at the time, is evidence of his generosity and compassion.

His deeds demonstrate a strong sense of empathy and dedication to the well-being of all living things. Additionally, he has always proved to be an amazing person. More people like Ratan Tata are needed. His leadership and altruism, which encourage others to be kind and also be mindful of animals.

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