Inspiring Story Of Ratan Tata On How He Took Revenge From Ford After Being Humiliated


Ratan Tata is one of the most respected and successful industrialists of India, known for his utmost simplicity and humanity. He is also a philanthropist and a former chairman of Tata Group. He is one of the most humble human beings. He never cares about driving a Tata Nano to an event and even without bodyguards. However, even sometimes things are not the same with such a respected person.


When Ratan Tata Launched Tata Indica

Ratan Tata Indica

The incident we are talking about is of the year 1998 when Ratan Tata launched Tata Indica. Tata Motors under Ratan Tata launched India’s first fully designed and built indigenous car, Tata Indica. But the sales were not as expected and were poor. Tata had to sell the car production unit.


Bill Ford Humiliated Ratan Tata

Bill Ford

Ratan Tata decided to talk with American giant Ford to cut a deal in 1999. He flew to the United States of America. He wants to have a long discussion with Bill Ford, the then chairman of Ford. However, it was not a good experience for him and he felt humiliated. Bill Ford made demeaning comments like why Ratan Tata set their foot in the manufacturing car unit without knowing anything about the car production. This is not all. Bill Ford even said that he will be doing Tata a favor if he bought a Tata car unit. They didn’t arrive at any deal. The experience only made Ratan Tata more strong and more focused on his goals. He decided not to sell the production unit.

What happened later is one of the most inspiring stories of failure turned success moments in the business world.

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Ratan Tata Sweet Revenge On Ford

Indian brands

After almost 9 years, in 2008, the United States of America was hit by the recession. Ford went bankrupt. Tata stepped in and offered to buy the luxurious Jaguar and Land Rover. It was a $2.3 billion cash deal. Ford said that Tata did a favor to Ford by buying Jaguar and Land Rover. This was an act of beautiful revenge by a visionary leader.

Tata Motors Jaguar and Land Rover

Ratan Tata turned Jaguar and Land Rover into one of the most profitable in the industry. As per Vedant Birla, Jaguar and Land Rover are the backbones of Tata’s finances. He has stepped into the global motor industry from there and has been a world player in the automotive industry. Not only this, he joint ventures with Marco Polo buses Brazil, Fiat Chrysler, Hitachi heavy Machinery, Daewoo trucks of South Korea, and an aerospace and defense division. These all prove the mettle of Tata Motors.

He is a winner of two civilian awards in India- Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan. Ratan Tata has shown the world how hard work, determination, and resilience can bring success.

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