Why Do Indian Railways Have Different Color Coaches Like Red, Green, Blue, And Brown? Read Here

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Indian Railways is Asia’s second-biggest and the world’s fourth-largest. Indian Railways carries 23 million people every day. You’ll be surprised to find that this amount exceeds the population of numerous countries. But it’s the design of Indian railway trains that fascinates me the most.

Despite the fact that their design incorporates a variety of elements, it is their colors that draw the most attention. Many trains were decked up with various caricatures and posters. You’ve certainly traveled by train as well, but have you ever pondered why train coaches come in such a variety of colors and what they mean? Here is the reason why Indian Railways has different color coaches like red, green, blue, and brown.


White, Grey, And Yellow Stripes

White Yellow Stripes On Indian Train

When you notice white or pale blue stripes painted on a blue-colored coach, you know it’s a general compartment. It is unreserved, and passengers can board by purchasing a platform ticket. These stripes make it easier for passengers to distinguish between reserved and unreserved coaches.

Similarly, yellow stripes are painted on (blue and red) railway coaches to show that they are accessible to ill and differently-abled passengers. Grey stripes on a train coach, especially on local trains, indicate that a specific compartment is dedicated for women. These are also general coaches.

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Blue Coaches

Blue Coach Indian Train

There are a lot of coaches that are painted in various colors of blue because there are so many of them. They’re also known as Integral Coach Factory coaches, and they’re made in Tamil Nadu. This indicates that these coaches originated from Tamil Nadu.

Trains with blue coaches move at speeds of 70 to 140 kilometers per hour. These coaches are used in mail express or superfast trains. Because these dumpsters are so large, they require a lot of care. These coaches must be repaired every 18 months.


Red Coaches

Red Coach Indian Train

How do you tell if a train is a Shatabdi or a Rajdhani? They are red in color. Take note of the color of the coaches the next time you travel somewhere by Shatabdi or Rajdhani train.

These are air-conditioned trains from ICF. These trains are capable of exceeding the superfast rail speed limit. Their top speed is roughly 150 kilometers per hour. The train’s color helps identification and allows it to pass mail express and superfast trains.


Brown Coaches

Brown Coach Indian Train

Brown-colored coaches are used on meter-gauge trains. These trains are unique in that they go through mountainous terrain. Under India Railways, there are five meter-gauge trains. Kangra Valley Railway, Darjeeling Himalayan Train, Kalka-Shimla Railway, Nilgiri Mountain Railway, and Matheran Hill Railway are some of the names.

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Green Coaches

Green Coach Indian Train

Green-colored coaches indicate that the train is Garib Rath. These trains were first launched by Indian Railways in 2005. Only air-conditioned coaches are available on these trains. The nicest aspect about these trains is that the government has subsidized ticket costs.

As a result, individuals from all walks of life may buy an AC bus ticket at a reasonable price. Long-distance travel is excellent for these trains. These trains are given priority over superfast trains, and as a result, they run quickly. A Garib Rath, on the other hand, may not have food or bedding alternatives.

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