Hybrid Draw For The Upcoming Champions League Season: The Top 2 Teams Will Not Face Each Other Until The Final

Champions League

As a result of the new format that will be implemented in the Champions League beginning with the upcoming season, we will also have the opportunity to experience a fresh approach to the customary draws that are used in the competition. Sky Sports has reported that the draw will now proceed in a hybrid fashion and will entail the use of a computer. This is due to the fact that after the implementation of the new format if the draw is carried out in the same manner as it has been in the past, it will require 900 balls and between three and four hours for the entire process to be completed. Consequently, the procedure will be altered as a result of this. In the beginning, the clubs will be selected by hand, and then, after that, a computer will select eight of their competitors from among the 36 teams in the league. The European Union Football Association (UEFA) has stated that the automatic aspects will continue to be verified independently in order to prevent allegations of draw manipulation.

As a result, the course of action will take around thirty-five minutes.

An English information technology business is developing software for the digital portion of the draw. Two software systems will be on standby, and the draw will be audited.

One other important note is that the teams who finish in the top two spots in the standings after the first phase will not be able to compete against each other until the final. This is due to the fact that the first team will be placed in one half of the draw for the 1/8 finals, while the second team will be placed in the other half of the draw. Because of this, the top four teams in the standings are not allowed to compete against one another before the semi-final stage. It is the intention of this initiative to provide incentives to clubs so that they will strive to achieve the highest possible league ranking, rather than merely being content with being in the top eight in the standings. When it comes to the Europa League and the Conference League, the format will be identical respectively.

UEFA Champions League

Inter, which competed in the final of the Champions League the previous year, aims to compete for the championship once more. Despite the fact that they are already at the eighth-final stage, the Nerazzurri are going to have to face a formidable opponent against whom they have a goal advantage from their match that took place at home in Milan. Even though the outcome could have been much more decisive and deserved to be, Inter was able to secure a 1-0 victory on February 20 thanks to the efforts of their reserve player, Marko Arnautovic. In turn, the Atleti fired seven bullets, but none of them were successful in hitting their target. It is interesting to see that Inter continues to be the favorite to win in Madrid as well; nonetheless, this strategy also makes sense when considering the opponents’ current form.

Atletico Madrid is almost certainly not in a position where they are able to compete with the most formidable teams in Europe. Since February, the team has only managed to win two of the nine official matches that it has played across all events. In addition, it has suffered as many as five defeats during this time period. Lastly, the final of these came as a surprise. Atletico Madrid suffered a defeat at the hands of Cadiz of 0:2 on the road in La Liga on Saturday. As a result, the club is now only two points ahead of Athletic Bilbao in the competition for the fourth position.

Inter, on the other side, continued their really incredible performance and completely dominated everything. The Nerazzurri have the greatest winning streak of any team in the top leagues, with thirteen consecutive victories in all competitions. This makes them the team with the longest winning streak. Due to the fact that Milan is currently in second place, the margin between them and the Serie A title appears to be nothing more than a formality. On the weekend, Inter defeated Bologna after a draw no bet prediction by a score of 1-0 on the road.

It is clear that the collective of the squad that will eventually win the Italian championship is at the highest level, and this is demonstrated by the acts that take place both on and off the field. I do not believe that we will see a comeback today; yet, the difference is only one goal, and Diego Simeone clearly has quality in his squad, which is sufficient to defeat any club in a match that is ideal. However, I do not believe that will occur, and I am more inclined to believe that Inzaghi will once again be able to trick his opponent in the coaching duel. This is because Inzaghi is known for his cunning football and superb defensive performances.

As a result of Diego Simeone’s leadership, Atletico Madrid is recognized for playing a more aggressive style of football. It is not unusual for the players on the squad to let their nerves out during games. That is precisely what I anticipate happening today in a game that is not going in their favor (or their direction). This past weekend, the Atleti received five yellow cards against Cadiz, in addition to the four yellow cards they received in Italy. Even if we rule out the possibility that the hosts will be unable to maintain control of the situation, it will be their adversary who will rely on a speedy transition from defense strategy to offensive strategy. Given the increased number of attacking lines, the players of Atletico will be compelled to commit tactical infractions.

In spite of the fact that Borussia Dortmund and PSV are not among the favorites to win the Champions League trophy and will be an absolute underdog in the very next phase, the meeting of these two teams in the eighth-final might be considered very intriguing. The completion of this phase would be considered a successful outcome for one of them, and the odds appear to be even. The first match, which took place in Eindhoven, ended in a draw. The team that was playing at the time, who was the hosts, was able to equalize courtesy of a penalty kick in the 56th minute. Additionally, they were the squad that was more active on the field, but the visitors from Dortmund were able to successfully complete the competition and return home.

As was the case with PSV in February, Borussia also has a modest advantage in terms of odds for the rematch that is scheduled to take place. Among the two teams competing in the competition, the Germans have a significant advantage in terms of experience. It is important to remember how well they performed in the autumn when they emerged victorious in the group of death. When it comes to the Champions League, they have not suffered a defeat as a home team for the past seven matches. PSV, on the other hand, have only suffered two defeats in the 39 games they have played so far this season, and one of those defeats came against Arsenal in London during the group stage.

As of today’s encounter, Dortmund has won two games in a row in the Bundesliga, which maintains the team’s position in the top four, albeit with only one point more than RB Leipzig, who is currently in fifth place. Both the victories over Union Berlin and Werder were not easy to achieve, and the opponents that these matches were played against were not easy to defeat. On the other hand, PSV continues to maintain a ten-point advantage over Feyenoord at the top of the standings despite the fact that they only had a 1-0 victory away from home against G.A. Eagles over the weekend.

This pairing was supposed to be one of the most complicated of the eight eighth-finals, and that continues to be the case as we move closer to the return leg in Dortmund. It is true that there is a favorite for this matchup; however, given that PSV is now in first place in the Eredivisie and has a streak of victories in that league, they are the ones who have the confidence and the opportunity to concentrate solely on this engagement.

We anticipate a tactical fight at this moment, as the draw in Eindhoven a week ago implies. The expectations are for a match that will not end in a scoreless tie. It is quite probable that Dortmund will be hunting for a goal from the locker room; nevertheless, I anticipate that their pressure will be swiftly tamed, and the game will enter an even and overmatched pace, which will result in a delayed first goal of the game.

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