10 Reasons Why Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend




Bad day at work? Girlfriend ditched you? Your squad roasted you? Well, the moment you step home, there, there comes running a cute little four legged mate, stumbling his way through as if he had not seen you for a decade even when you had been gone for only a while, showering you with his love and whinning in joy. Still not convinced that Dogs are Man's best friend? Ayy then, read on lad!


1. They do not demand anything but love!

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Dogs do not demand anything but love! They are cute little attention seekers who have unconditional love for you! They are always running around wagging their tail. Humans demand a lot and sometimes hurt your feelings. Dogs don't.


2. They protect you

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In early times, dogs were mainly used for safety purposes. They guard your house and keep burglars away and do not demand a hefty pay. They also scare the neighbor Aunty away if trained. Just in case if she complaints too much.

3. Dogs are Fun!

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You can play for limitless hours with dogs and still not get bored. They are funny and full of life. Even when they mess things up, their glistening eye balls of love acts as a great perk of excuse. They are always ready to play unless they are munching on their favorite food or resting, yes, they get a bit lazy sometimes.


4. They support you emotionally!

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Remember how you feel in need for love when you're feeling low or having a bad day? Well, A Dog would do, forget humans. Dogs sense the way you feel and react accordingly. Sometimes they cry along, ah those lovelies!

5. Always there for you

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Admit it, we all get rude sometimes when we are pissed or sometimes for no reasons. People make a big deal or fuss out of it. Well, good news – Dogs don't! They forget and forgive. They love you no matter what but that doesn't mean you should mistreat them. Treat them with love!


6. They do not leave you

This is my dogs favorite thing ever, I just yell COME THROUGH THE CAVE and Molly starts running! - Imgur

Unless you steal their food or treat them badly, they will always stick around. Humans leave. Dogs don't. People replace each other easily. Dogs are real homies for life.


7. Science approves!

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Researchers at Japan’s Azabu University state that when humans and dogs look into each other’s eyes, each participant experiences a surge of oxytocin, the hormone associated with trust and love that is released that is largely responsible for maternal bonding. Bet your science teacher didn't teach you that!


8. A gift for the introverts and loners

Feeling alone? Well, get a dog! He will keep you entertained and love you. They are not annoying like humans. Remember how Will Smith survived for years with the dog but died days after meeting humans in the movie ‘I am Legend’? I rest my case here.


 9. They completely trust you!

French bulldog puppy jumps into his owner's arms. Shows no hesitation second time around. - Imgur

Trust is something hard to get or give these days but these little guys, Trust you. Completely. They are like literally the best company one can get.


10. Dogs don't hurt your emotions

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They support you, they love you, they play with you but they never hurt your feelings like humans do. They don't cheat or betray. They are loyal and faithful. Dog 1 Humans 0.


Dogs are the best! Comment about your dog love below!

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Story of Hachiko A Dog Lover is well known. Few sacrifices you can read it here as well. There are various reasons why you must own a dog. We hope you find out now why Dog's sre Man's Best Friend.

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