10 Awesome Reasons Why You MUST Own A Dog

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We’ve all (at least most of us) wanted a pet at some point in our lives, be it a cat, a dog, a hamster or even an exotic pet for that matter. Dogs are known for their loyalty and friendly nature. There are different types of dogs. But there are many dog breeds that you will not find in India. Here are ten reasons why you must own a dog.


1. Dogs Dramatically Help Better Your Mood

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It is known to all that spending time with dogs helps relax one’s mind. It is scientifically proven that being with dogs increases dopamine and serotonin in your brain, thus relaxing your mind and releasing stress.


2. Having Dogs As Pets May Reduce The Risk Of Cardio-Vascular Diseases

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Being with dogs for at least 2-3 hours a day decreases one’s blood pressure and maintains it at healthy levels, thereby bidding farewell to a plethora of heart diseases.


3. Dogs Are Loyal!

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Dogs are known to be loyal. Dogs develop special bonds with owners just as close as they would, with other dogs. We, humans, make dogs just as happy as they make us. If you are thinking about what name you should give to your dog, then you can use “Dog Name Generator“. The generator is a bit of fun and can also help people to choose a name for their new dog!


4. Dogs Shower You With Love And Love

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Dogs are a source of unlimited love. Despite being unable to talk, they seem like the only ones who understand and acknowledge our problems sometimes.


5. Dog Protect Children From Skin Allergies And Diseases

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Children who grow up with dogs have a lower chance of developing eczema.


6. Dogs Help You Lose Weight And Stay Fit

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If you want to lose weight, simply – get a dog! When you walk your dog every day and run around with him/her, you are bound to lose weight and stay healthy.


7. Dogs Teach You How To Forgive

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Suppose you’re too busy to give them attention on one day, they’ll forget about it almost instantly when you pet them the next day. They are quick forgivers and they teach you the same. Also, when the dog chews on something that he wasn’t supposed to, you learn to forgive him because you can’t stay mad at that cute little thing, can you?


8. Dogs Give Us A Reason To Wake Up With A Smile On Our Faces Everyday

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With a dog as your pet, the only reason you’ll be waking up every day is to take care and tend to your cute dog(and eat food, of course) At least you won’t have trouble waking up anymore.


9. Dogs Teach Us How To Be More Responsible

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Having and maintaining dogs is a huge responsibility. It is almost like having a child. Thereby, we end up learning how to be more responsible.


10. Dogs Are A Man’s Best Friend!

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There’s a reason why this saying even exists. Humans can find no better best friends than dogs. Dogs are also great at keeping secrets(probably because they don’t have mouths, but you must still commend them).

Dogs are simply the best(all animals are) If you love them enough, we urge you to adopt any pet and give them sweet home and tender love. Don’t buy, please adopt!

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