These 10 Rare Dog Breeds Are Really Hard To Find In India


You will come across numerous dogs in your life, but there are some breeds, which you may hardly come across unless you don’t move out of India. These rare dogs are hard to be seen, especially in India. Apart from the shape and sizes, these unique dog breeds are cute as hell! Anyway, have a glance at ten of the world’s unique and rare dog breeds and know more about them!


1. Swedish Vallhund

Rare Dog Breeds

These athletic dogs, are obedient and quite excel in tracking, agility, and flyball. They make quite good pets and are a fearless breed of Sweden. They come in variations of colors and tail lengths.


2. Bedlington Terrier

Rare Dog Breeds 3

At first sight, you will probably think it’s a lamb. The dog is named after the mining town of Bedlington, Northumberland in England.


3. Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff Rare Dog Breeds


This ancient breed dog is a type of domestic dog. The word ‘mastiff’ signifies ‘large dog’.


4. Telomian

Rare Dog Breeds

This dog is native to Malaysia and has unusual climbing capacities.


5. Catalburun


This is the only dog in the world having a split nose, which gives the illusion of two noses and has suspended ears. You can also use  “Dog Name Generator” for finding exciting names of your dog. The generator is a bit of fun & can also help people to choose a name for their new dog! 

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6. Mudi


This healthy. the hairy and cute looking breed is native to Hungry and has an expected life of 13-14 years. It comes in different variations of colors and all seems so adorable.


7. Azawakh

Rare Dog Breeds 8

This dog breed comes from Africa and can be addressed as thin almond-eyed beauties.


8. Bergamasco Shepherd


The origins of the dog lie in Italian Alps near Bergamo. They are thought to be super smart animals.


9. New Guinea Singing Dog

Rare Dog Breeds 4

This breed is found in New Guinea, has some unique vocalization. They make perfect partners both because of physical and mentor abilities.


10. Karelian Bear dog


This dog breed is hugely popular for its rapid reflexes and bold nature in its home country.

Of course, the dog lovers among us just really want to interact with these rare beauties. They are just too unique and cute to avoid. Don’t forget to share your experience with us when you get to meet any of them!

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