Smoking Can Be Helpful In Several Ways ! Lets See HOW



Smoking can be helpful, is it true. Yes you read it right. There are several ways in which smoking can be helpful. Not only it helps in reducing your healthy weight but also there are tons of things it can do for you. Lets see seven benefits of Smoking 😛


1. You Will Never See Old Age. Smoke And Die Naturally


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Well, is there any beauty in this than smoking?


2. Why To Have A Whitish Perfect Smile When You Can Get Beautiful Yellowish Smile Through Smoking?


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Looking attractive. Isn’t it? 😉


3. The Smoker Benefits: See These Blackish Lungs. Who Else Can Have? Isn’t It Amazing?

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4. Share Your Cigarette Stick That Which Is Poisonous To Your Friends And Share Your True Bonding Of Friendship.



Friends forever.


5. You Will Be Alive Each Moment As You Make Good Effort While Breathing



Enjoy the deadly smoke and cough every moment when everyone else has the fresh air.


6. Who Needs Pinkish Lips? When You Can Get Black Color Natural Lips Due To Continuous Smoking


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You don’t need black color lipstick.


7. Make Your Children Passive Smokers. That’s a Great Gift. They Also Die Very Young


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There will be no one to spend your life savings. Spend on chemotherapy lavishly.

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All we want to say Smoking Is Injurious To Health.

Life is Precious, don’t waste it because of smoking habit.


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