Environment, Do We Care?


In Sanskrit there is a sloka saying “vruksho rakshathi rakshitaha”. If we save the environment then environment will save us. We all know that plants give oxygen to mankind to survive in this world.

Humans are endangering the life on earth. It is the need of the hour for every one of us to protect our environment. 


What Are We Doing?


1. In the name of the electric wire lines, Government is Cutting down the trees that which has grown fully.



2. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken a great initiative “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” to maintain cleanliness in and around us. How many Indian citizens are following it strictly? Isn’t it the responsibility of every Indian to keep our environment hygienic? What is your contribution towards this?


3. Most of the people are throwing garbage on the roads and polluting this environment. Like this.



And by doing so, who is suffering? Again it’s the people.



Is this Hygenic?



4. Using plastic bags excessively even though knowing that it can’t be destroyed and it seeps into ground water. Humans take food which is grown on soil and drinks ground water. It has large effect on marine animals and sea birds which often mistake the trash that is floating on water as food and consume plastic. Its stomach is filled with plastic which leads to infection and death. Are you using plastic bag? If so, don’t you feel you are responsible for it? What you can do to mitigate?



5. Wasting of paper. Do you know how many trees are cut down every year to make papers? According to the research conducted by Global Forest Resource Assessment in 2015, nearly 80,000 t0 1, 60,000 tress are cut down daily. Earth looses 60,000 square kilometers of trees globally for one year. The world consumes 300 million tons of paper every year. What is your role in saving paper? Saving trees? Saving environment?



What Can We Do?

1. Where ever you stay, plant a tree on the roads once in a week and encourage your friends and neighbors  to do so.

2. Don’t spit on the roads. It has unhygienic implication effects that people are unknown.

3. Don’t throw garbage on roads. Instead use a cloth bag and put the garbage in it then throw in dustbin.

4. Stop using plastic bags. Take a cloth bag with you while going to shop or market. If everyone stops taking plastic bags form shop keepers, obviously they won’t prefer to put that in shop and manufacturing of this plastic bags will stop slowly.

5. Never leave tap in your home or office running. Save water.

6. Reduce paper wastage.

7. Whenever you go out or leave the room, switch off the lights. It saves a finite amount of energy.

If we don’t save environment this is what will happen!!!

And Finally this!!


Look into the above points and do your part as a responsible citizen to make this environment clean. Our ancestors have given a nice environment for us to live.

Knowingly or unknowingly we are destroying environment. By doing so, what are we giving to our next generation?

A Healthy hygienic environment or an unhygienic environment!!!!

Let’s do something to protect the environment being a responsible and proud citizen of India.

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