10 Things You Will Experience If You Studied In An All Boys/Girls School



Studying in a single sex school has its ups and downs. Below are a few things which you might have experienced.

1. “I don’t have to care about how I look!”


One of the greatest things about studying in a single sex school. No make-up; no hair do. Saves hours of time being spent on working on the way you look.
Clothes not ironed? Hair messy? Forgot to take a shower? No problem-o.


2. Desperation level: 9999


This is the shittiest thing about these schools. The amount of hate surging up your tummy when you come to know that a friend from another co-ed school is going on a date is too damn high. Simmer down mate, we’ve all been through that!


3. Classroom freedom

sleeping during a lecture - Imgur

Get to eat, sleep and mess around in class because there is no one there to impress! You will hold no grudge against your teacher for scolding because you probably were giggling so hard with your mates while they were scolding that you probably didn’t hear a word they said! This doesn’t generally happen in co-ed schools. You are all about respect and impressing there!




Boys schools – Manufacturing guys who can’t talk to girls since the 19th century. Well, there are guys who study in co-ed schools and act equally awkward when it comes to talking to girls. *sigh*


5. Going to tuitions to hook up!


Tuition Centers – Hooking up more people than matrimonial sites. My grades went up because I did my homework to avoid shaming in front of girls, Not the tutor. Sorry Mom!


6. Get to be yourself!


You don’t have to pretend to be someone you are not. That’s real freedom there! You get to chill at school just like home!


7. Outer school competitions


The number of volunteers shoots up when the teacher announces that a co-ed school hosts the competition. Been there, done that. A mini war goes on to get selected.


8. Less Drama; More love!


No drama, No grudges, No fighting over people, just true brotherhood! No boundaries, No limits!

9. Forever alone


With people struggling to find a date in co-ed school, no shit that most students in single sex schools are single! But dating and having someone to love isn’t everything *wipes tears* Nah, it's just that my eyes are sweaty.


 10. Adding people from other school on social media


Unknown but good looking, well *friend request sent*. We all have done it at some point. But for people who study at single sex schools, social media is like their last shot at hooking up!


Let us know what weird things you’ve done/experienced studying in such a school in the comments below!

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