“You are not the father” – You Will Be Shocked When You Find Out What Goes On This American Talk Show


“You are not the father”. Ey, wait! Don’t get offended already. People on the show are apparently jumping up and down in joy when they hear the words, “You are not the father”.



One of the most famous topics associated with the Maury’s show is the paternity tests. Yes, you read that right! So, what generally happens is – a mother appears on the show with her child or their photographs and tries to prove that the accused male is the biological father of that kid! And the crowd reacts wildly; so do the accused! This is real weird and I’m already confused. DNA tests are conducted and the results are announced on the show. When the accused is not the biological father, the woman gets shamed for running after his money. I know this is too much but hey, this actually happens on this show! This show had 22 seasons and goes for about 42 minutes and made 2640 episodes! It also conducts polygraph tests and is full of wild teens appearing on the show.


The person below is Maury Povich, who hosted the show.

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The video below is a compilation of reactions to, “You are/are not the father” on the show.

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I don’t know what to say. This is a weird place we live in.giphy

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