Life Of A Professional Woman And House Wife



In the present scenario, men and women are working equally in every field. Craving for financial independence is one of the main reasons for women to enter in various fields and grow both professionally as well as financially. Women are known to have high patience levels in dealing with any issues. Whatever the context there are always pros and cons and decision should be taken wisely.


The Life Of A Professional Woman

1. The professional working culture makes woman very confident in tackling any situation as she meets and interacts with several people in and around.



2. They are more independent than house wife and can manage outdoor work much better. The man feels very comfortable as he need not manage everything in the outer world for his family.



3. A working woman can’t dedicate much time with family members and often more stressed with the work deadlines. This is one of the main reasons for not having a better understanding between the life partners.



4. Unless the family is very supportive including husband, she can’t have a relaxed and balanced marriage life. That is also one of the reasons of so many divorce cases seen with working woman.

5. A working woman will have less interaction with children even though educated they can’t impart their knowledge to their children.



6. A woman’s best protection is a little money of her own. 



7. The main advantage of a working woman is financial independence. She needn’t depend on husband for everything and in the worst cases of being blindsided by unexpected events she can stand on her feet and give children good education.

8. When the woman gets a chance to envision her own dreams, she feels more fulfilled and gratified there by less faultfinding which keeps the environment at home happy.



9. Working woman takes pride as a source of inspiration for their kids as well as their family. They come across the hardships of the outer world and also find a solution to them. Sometimes this could be extremely helpful to children and the family.

10. The woman who determines to balance both families and careers will have the sense of self-esteem and achievement that they earned from their careers ultimately made them better and more inspiring mothers.


Life Of A House Wife

1. A housewife can allocate more time to spend with her family and kids. They need not face any time constraints and thus no need to have hurry in their life. A housewife is free from the control of an annoyed or depressed boss and can take her own time in doing the household work.


2. The main advantage of being a housewife is to watch your kids growing. They can give better attention to their children, in-laws, parents, and all the guests who arrives. They can focus on everyone’s health, and also take vigorous participation in their children’s education.

3. The biggest regret a working couple faces is the lack of time that they devote to their kids. A housewife always stays with her kid and eventually becomes their best friend. This keep the man of the family peaceful as his kids are in safe hands and being watched over properly.



4. A housewife can relax and has hassle-free life when she is sick. She need not be answerable to anyone. She is free from the work stress and meeting the deadline of the work. One of the ins and outs why most of the marriages fail is due to the constant stress. A housewife is free of this stress. For a housewife, she is her own boss. This freedom keeps her happy and going.


5. A housewife has a lot of time to allocate for the activities they like. They can engross themselves in cooking classes, stitching, tailoring, gardening etc and can explore new skills. They can also enhance their existing skills and can develop themselves. This gives them a feeling of accomplishment and keeps them happier. A happy relationship goes a distant way.

6. The two worlds welcome a housewife always. One world is she can sit at home and take care of her family and second world is doing some part time work from home job. This helps her grow professionally while taking care of house and children.

7.  As your life changes, your priorities change, so it’s about reprioritizing and making shifts to your focus. Women are good at multi-tasking. They may be physically weaker but are emotionally stronger. They will always find a way of handling any critical circumstances and if necessary they will get up an hour early to accomplish everything.


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