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Check Out The Various Things Which Causes Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculationvia

Emotional tension, fear of failure, and fear of problems with erection at the beginning of men’s s*xual life can cause premature ejaculation. Extreme cases can occur with young men at the beginning of their s*xual life when ejaculation occurs even before the p*nis is inserted into the va*ina. A good means of solving this problem is frank communication between partners on the topic of s*x. How to prevent premature ejaculation?

Premature Ejaculation

Overcome the awkwardness, explain the situation; for a man, there is nothing to be ashamed of. This is an indication that he has the maximum number of hormones produced by the body, which makes a man almost unstoppable. With experience and a well-disposed partner, this problem goes away. But it happens that this problem pursues men throughout their s*xual experiences.

1. Low frequency of s*xual intercourse.

2. Anxiety and fear during intercourse.

3. Local vegetative neurosis in chronic inflammatory diseases of the prostate gland and seminal vesicles.

4. Hypersensitivity of the p*nis.

Men suffering from this dysfunction cannot foresee the onset of ejaculation or regulate it. This most often affects men prone to neurosis since mental stress during s*xual intercourse depends on the balance of the nervous system.

Premature Ejaculation

These men, in whom premature ejaculation causes a feeling of fear, self-doubt, and various neurotic disorders need to consult a doctor for premature ejaculation treatment. All of this adversely affects s*xual reactions since a man cannot control ejaculation to the extent that both participants are satisfied. And there is such a paradox: if a man tries to control this process more, then ejaculation occurs faster. The man is afraid that he will finish too quickly, and this very thought makes him cum.

Premature Ejaculation

Here is a message to all the women out there that are curious for premature ejaculation solutions: if your partner is prone to fast s*x, then you need to extend the foreplay, not bringing the man to over-excitement. S*xual prelude, contrary to established opinion, solves this problem. It is necessary to let the agitation subside at this time. And at this moment, a woman should support her man with all the passion and love she has. You can never show that you are disappointed if a man cannot achieve an erection. Men are very sensitive, and the slightest hint that you are laughing at him indicates their inferiority; this makes them angry.

Premature Ejaculation

The faster a man stops trying hard, the better it will be. It is impossible to force yourself to achieve an erection; it turns out by itself. Explain to your partner that mutual caresses are important and pleasant to you. So, how to stop premature ejaculation? Keep your partner engaged and make him feel loved. Do not be afraid to visit a therapist or use other external methods for such cases. You can start off by checking out some relationship book for couples by pressing the link.

To summarize, what causes premature ejaculation?

1. Premature ejaculation among young people. Many young men face this problem at the beginning of their s*xual practices. With the stabilization of s*xual life, the duration of s*xual intercourse is normalized.

2. Some men may have short s*xual intercourse permanently. Usually, this is a matter of increased nervous excitability.

3. Circumstances that cause anxiety and fear in a man (an inappropriate environment, a woman’s traumatic behavior, problems in the relationship of partners) often cause premature ejaculation.

4. In emotional men, the previous fiasco can be fixed in the psyche and trigger the “mechanism of waiting for failure” (the stronger the fear of failure is, the sooner it comes, and this further creates a “vicious cycle” situation).

5. The rapid onset of ejaculation can occur within the framework of a particular habit, more often during sexual intercourse with a frigid woman, for whom an early cessation of sexual intercourse is highly desirable.

6. A long period of s*xual abstinence usually leads to a shortening of s*xual intercourse in a man.

7. Occasionally, organic factors (like exacerbation of the chronic inflammatory process in the prostate gland and others) can become the source of this disorder.

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