Esha Gupta And Shrenu Parikh Got Furious When Asked About Hardik Pandya

A TV Actress Also Slammed Hardik Pandya For His Statements

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During a recent episode of Koffee With Karan, Hardik Pandya made a few statements that were unpleasant for some people. A huge controversy followed the statements and that was pursued further when Pandya got banned for a few matches. In an interview, Esha Gupta was asked about being friend with Hardik Pandya and the Bollywood diva got quite aggressive with that and denounced the statements which were made by Pandya in the show. Also, Shrenu Parikh targeted Hardik Pandya on his controversial statements.


Hardik Pandya Said Something Controversial

Esha Gupta On Hardik Pandya

In a recent episode of Koffee With Karan, the duo of KL Rahul and Hardik Pandya appeared as the guest. We all know KWK is quite controversial. Ranbir Kapoor once said, “Karan Johar made us reveal the things that we have to clarify for the rest of our life”. In the same way, Hardik and KL Rahul said something that brought the Twitterati against them.


His Statement Brought A Huge Notoriety

Hardik Pandya was asked about his personal life but it looks like he got too far with it. He told that his family is quite cool about the se*ual matters and he usually discusses it with his father. It may seem cool but the way he said it, brought huge notoriety to the cricketer.


Why Esha Gupta Got Angry?

Esha Gupta On Hardik Pandya

Undoubtedly, Hardik Pandya is one of the most fashionable cricketers who like to keep him attributed with aesthetic sense. Moreover, there were rumors about him dating the Bollywood diva, Esha Gupta. However, in a recent interview, Esha Gupta got furious and said, “Who told you that he is my friend. The statement he made about women is wrong and no way it is acceptable in the society.”


Shrenu  Parikh Also Slammed The Cricketer Duo

Esha Gupta On Hardik Pandya Shrenu Parikh

Apart from Esha Gupta, Ishqbaaz fame, Shrenu Parikh said, “Hardik tried to present himself as a cool dude but that was an epic fail. Both Hardik and Rahul looked amateur during the show they should have known that they represent the country and they are too influential to make any statement like that.

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