6 Runs Needed In 1 Ball In Local Tournament, Bowler Did Something Hilarious

The Target Was Achieved With 1 Ball Spared

Local Tournament Bowlervia

Cricket is immensely popular in India. Be it international matches or the domestics, it is hard to skip any match. Furthermore, the Local tournament also traps the attention of the fans. The reason behind the popularity of cricket is that it is quite unpredictable until the last bowl. We have seen many matches where the game shifts in the very last bowl. This time something unexpected happened when a team required 6 runs in just one ball during a Local tournament.


Six Runs In 1 Ball

Local Tournament

In a 5-over cricket match, a team had a target of 76 runs. The team managed to score 70 runs in 4 overs and 5 balls. They required 6 runs in the last ball. It was not impossible but surely the victory was hard to achieve. Thanks to the bowler, the team chased the target and still they had left one ball spare. Now you may be thinking that the bowler might have delivered a no-ball but that is not true. He bowled 6 back to back wide balls and the batsman had nothing to do but to let the balls go.


A Hilarious Video

The video of the incident is doing rounds on social media and the twitterati are trolling the bowler for his super whack performance. He literally gifted the match to the opposition. Many Twitterati punk the bowler and asked how did he manage to bowl first 5 balls correctly? After delivering the sixth wide balls, the bowler got all of his teammates pissed and the reaction of the team was certain.

Twitterati introduced the next level of sarcasm after this video. Undoubtedly, the incident is utterly hilarious to watch. What do you think about it? Tell us in the comments.

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