Meet Kavya Maran: Owner Of IPL Franchise Sunrisers Hyderabad; Her Net Worth, Business, And Everything To Know


In the enthralling and exciting universe of IPL 2024 this year, another star has arisen beyond the cricket field — Kavya Maran. People who love watching cricket are aware of Kavya Maran. She is the owner of the IPL franchise Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH). She is also the national crush of India. Here is everything about this beautiful and influential figure, Kavya Maran.


Rising To Prominence

Kavya Maran SRH

Kavya Maran came into the spotlight in 2018 when she took ownership of Sunrisers Hyderabad. She denoted herself as a prominent figure in the cricketing domain. Her irresistible energy helps the team and has charmed her with fans across the country.


Kavya Maran’s Business And Academic Excellence

Kavya Maran

Kavya Maran earned a Commerce degree from the well-known Chennai’s Stella Maris College and an MBA from the esteemed Warwick Business School in the UK. Thus, Kavya Maran represents a combination of academic brilliance and entrepreneurial energy worldwide.


Family Legacy Of Kavya Maran

Born to the distinguished Maran family, Kavya acquired an abundance of wealth and an impressive political legacy that was well-established in Tamil Nadu. Her Father, Kalanithi Maran, is also a great businessman. He is also a media tycoon and founder of the Sun Group. Her mother, Kavery Maran, is a prominent businesswoman. Before her role in sports management, Kavya had a significant impact on the operational facets of the Sun TV Network, therefore exhibiting her diverse skill sets and obligation to family-run business ventures.


Kavya Maran’s Net Worth

Kavya Maran Sunrisers Hyderabad

With an estimated total asset of over Rs 400 crore, Kavya stands as a testament to the financial prowess of the Maran Family. Her dad, Kalanithi Maran, leads the charge with a total asset of Rs 19,000 crore, bringing out their overall influential position of power and strategy in business circles in India and abroad.


Owner Of Sunrisers Hyderabad Team

Sunrisers Hyderabad CEO Kavya Maran

Since assuming the coveted role of CEO in 2018, Kavya Maran has been the main lead force behind SRH’s operations. Thus, she put all her efforts into the establishment with her energy and zeal for cricket and its strategic vision. During the Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Mumbai Indians IPL match, Kavya got everyone’s attention with her irresistible celebratory dance. Therefore captivating netizens and setting her status as India’s rising prominent figure. Not only the IPL team but also Kavya owns a team in the SA20 league, Sunrisers Eastern Cape. Kavya Maran’s journey from business icon to IPL lead reflects a convincing story of energy, commitment, and family legacy.

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