Uber Drivers Trapping Customers In New Way In Bengaluru. Beware!

Uber Drivers TrappingUber Drivers Trapping

Uber and Ola made transportation very easy. And if something is coming for ease, there will be problems too. We have been continuously hearing several cases with respect to Uber like sexual assaults, misbehaving with woman passengers, beating passengers.

And this time, you hear completely new way of how Uber drivers are cheating passengers.

A passenger named JP Muduli who used Uber service for 2 years shared how he got deceived by the driver. And, it is something we all must know.


Using payment method Paytm, JP had booked cab for Bengaluru airport. When he was on the way, the driver stopped car before the toll gate and demanded that he need cash as payment method to pay the toll. When JP disagreed to pay, the drive said he can’t go further.

Being in hopeless situation, he paid cash ₹871. Driver said it will be transferred back to his account after 15 minutes of trip completion.

But he didn’t get.

When he contacted Uber, he didn’t get any support. He lost extra ₹871. Both Uber and the driver took double amount and cheated him as a customer.

Isn’t this heights of cheating?


Read the incident in his words.

But we Entertales had a discussion with one of the Uber representative regarding this, and he told us that the money has been returned back to the account. Same thing has been written by JP Muduli too in his facebook comment. 

Every person will get cheated in some way atleast once in his entire life. Sadly, it happens to good people only. What all we can do is, just be careful next time and move on.

Did you also have any such kind of experiences? If so, please share entire incident in the comments and if that is serious issue we will bring that to public notice. On the other hand, what Ola offered this man on Twitter will win your hearts!

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