Journalist Horrific Experience With Uber Will Give You Shivers




The one of the problems that hinders India’s growth is lack of implementing strict punishments to the culprits. If government implements strict practices against those who misbehaves with women, who kills others, who does heinous crimes then no other person will do that again. This is how government can bring discipline among people.

After reading journalist named Ananya Bhattacharya harrowing experiences, you will start to think, Is India really safe for women? Her horrific Uber experience on Twitter will give you shivers.

Ananya booked the cab at 10.55 pm and was travelling alone; she added that her driver was heavily drunk and took her to a deserted road near Noida-Greater Noida Expressway. This is actually considered to be a very unsafe area; want to know the terrible experience she had?

Read her series of tweets below…

1. She had the most harrowing experience

2. The stench of alcohol and paan hit her.

3. Car suddenly stops.

4. The place is dark and infamous for crimes.

5. Driver called his brother and said he has an 'aurat' in the car

6. Ananya called up her friend and started working out options

7. Driver locked the doors and switched on the light.

8. Driver made 5 more calls, to 2 different people

9.  Luckily her friend came

10. A death stare

11. UP police patrol van didn’t mind to check

12. Thanks to her friend

13. Uber charged her for the entire trip.

14. Bot mails from Uber


Luckily nothing happened. Isn’t it proof of carelessness of cab companies? Isn’t it their duty to ensure safety of passengers, especially women? Hope Uber maintains strict policies about safety and security of passengers.

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