Engineer Committed Suicide In Pune With A Note ‘No Job Security In IT’

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Life is a game of ups and downs. Sometimes life kicks us very hard, few brave get up and fight back; Some of them get depressed and suffer alone, but few of them loses the battle of life. Similarly, yet another incident took place; another innocent life has gone because of layoffs and job insecurity. This time an engineer.

Unfortunately, a software techie from Andhra Pradesh jumped to his death three days after he started working in an IT firm Pitney Bowes, Pune. He was identified as Gopikrishna Durgaprasad age 25 by an assistant police inspector (API) Dilip Jaisingkar of Vimantal police station.

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According to the police, before coming to Pune, he had worked in Delhi and Hyderabad. In Pune, he was provided with accommodation at a hotel in Viman Nagar. The sad part is before jumping to his death, he also tried cutting his left wrist. Yes, he has inflicted 25 cuts on his left wrist with a knife; but when that didn’t work out, he jumped from the terrace of the four-storied hotel he was put up in.

Police also recovered suicide note from his room which was written and signed in English shows the bitter truth of Corporate World. Gopikrishna wrote

“In IT there is no job security. I’m worried a lot about my family”.

The incident was reported in the light of massive layoffs by IT companies in the city. Employees are now in a process to form a union and stand up against such practices by IT organizations.

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A relative of the deceased Venkatrao Murthy said

“He was a good boy. He had no bad habits at all. He did his work and lived peacefully. I do not know what happened.”

Few days before, audio of Tech Mahindra employees got viral where he was pleading from HR to give him an extension but all in vain. There were also reports of layoffs by big IT giants like Cognizant and Tech Mahindra.

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