“Sex Is Choice, Periods Are Not” Now A Movement Against GST

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With the Inception of new policies of GST, the complaint against the tax strategy boosted at a fast pace. The overhyped and GST that supposed to follow the agenda of "one nation one tax", actually proved out to be just another cacophonic empty vessel.


A Tax Or A Problem

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On the first July, our prime minister (Narendra Modi) successfully put the GST into effect. The success part was over eventually as neighbored by opposing opportunity, the goods and services tax could not trap the success in winning the much needed public support.


Raised The Voice


Around a few millions of blog posts, youtube videos, tweets and facebook posts have flashed the dejected disapproval of people all over india. This time a woman from Bangluru took her time to send a direct word to PM modi. Dissatisfied by the new tax policy on sanitary pads, the gynecologist Padmini Prasad stated the pedagogical need of the prime minister.


“Badi Badi Baatein”


A tax free policy on condom, bangles and vermillion is been implemented by the government through new GST plans but on the other hand sanitary  goods (sanitary napkins, sanitary pads, clinical diapers and tampons) will be receiving a 12 percent of tax. “Good and simple tax” were the words from the PM a few days back but now it proved to be “gigantic tax on simple things”. GST was mentioned as a plan for “sizable luxury –greater the tax) but the strategy seems irrelevant in this case.


Sex Is Choice, Periods Are Not


The step was taken by the woman to educate the PM, since condom, bangles and contraceptive pills are optional but menstruation is inescapable so the gynecologist bitterly enunciated “sex is choice: periods are not”.


Sanitary Napkins Should Be Tax Free, Huge Support


The post turn out to collect a massive support on social media from women all over the country and resulted in the escalation of the voice of women, that they raised to fight for their right.


A Major Drawback


Due unalterable incompetency nearly a 90 percent of women in India cannot maintain the much required hygiene in menstruation periods and after the addition of GST this amount can be raised to 93 percents.


Learn From Them


We all know that more than thousands of overlooked issues and problems that are far away from sorted out. The menstrual period torture the women in more than one ways.

Few months before Entertales has published a story of a man who has made sanitary napkins for her wife and not only made, he himself weared.

The private companies are looking in this regard and providing menstrual paid leave, also there is the need for government to perceive this considerable mess.


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