Comedian Mallika Dua’s Worst Experience With Uber Driver Shocks You



These days, we have different transportation facilities to reach any destination. And taxis like Ola, Uber etc makes it even easy as just from our home we can book the cab and reach destination without any hassle.

But it seems this is not so easy as we need to risk our life sometimes. All this is because of negligence of taxi companies who fails to provide the basic security to women.

And Uber just doesn’t understand that. Every now and then, we are hearing that women having worst experiences with Uber drivers. And now another horrible incident came out. Famous comic Mallika Dua took to Face book to share her nightmare with netizens.


Mallika just asked the driver to increase the air-conditioning, due to which he started abusing her and asked her to leave the cab.

She shared the whole incident on Facebook along with the driver’s pic.

Here’s the pic;


Her Face book post read,


It is the responsible of the Uber to provide safety to women during their travel in the cab. And this is not the first time which proves Uber doesn’t care about safety of women. Read this Journalist experience with Uber.

The company success depends on the customer service they provide. And it seems this, so called start-up failed to understand this business factor.

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