Meet Kim Jong Un Sister Kim Yo Jong; Brain Behind The Supreme Leader

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Everyone knows about the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. He is arguably the most dangerous man in the world. Moreover, he is a megalomaniac who always seeks for the ultimate power. However, not many of us know that the brain behind this megalomaniac is someone else. She is his sister Kim Yo Jong.


The Replacement Kim Kyong hui

Kim Jong

According to sources, she is quite dear to the ruthless ruler and now he is promoting her in the Politburo. It is said that she will be the replacement for Kim Jong’s aunt Kim Kyong-hui. Kim Yo Jong avoided limelight.  A friend of Kim- Jong told about Kim Yo Jong that when she was in the college; everyone would get sided from her way. Perhaps we know the reason about this behavior of the other students.


Other Students Would Make Way For Her

Kim Jong

The former professional basketball player, Dennis Keith Rodman shares friendly bond with the supreme leader of North Korea.  It was Kim Jong’s Sister who make the two met and that was the starting of their friendship.  The former NBA star told that whenever she would leave the classroom the other students would make way for her. Undoubtedly, no one would like to block her way.


Enrolled In Swiss School With A Fake Name

Kim Yo Jong

She enrolled in the school in Switzerland and used a fake name and it was told that she was the daughter of Kim Jong’s servant. Returning to North Korea, she studied in the military university. She remained hidden from the limelight. Furthermore, there were few occasions when she was seen with her family.


The Brain Behind The Supreme Leader

Kim Yo Jong

She was selected in the central committee for the seventh congress summit. Perhaps, she is away from the limelight but, it is said that she is the brain behind supreme leader Kim Jong.

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