After 122 Year An Indian, Amol Yadav Will Fly His Own Aircraft



Shivkar Talpade Was First Indian Who Had Used To Fly A Plane In Mumbai, Now The Amol Of Mumbai Will Fly Its Aircraft

Amol Yadav

In 1895, Shivkar Talpade of Mumbai had made a plan to build his own on. After 122 years, Captain Amol Yadav, himself from Mumbai, will be able to fly his own aircraft. On Monday, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis handed him DGCA Certificate. Amol, who was Deputy Chief Pilot in Jet Airways, made the aircraft TAC-003 by working hard on the roof of the house for 19 years.


Amit Yadav

The aircraft was built in 2011. Since then, Amol was trying to get the certificates. TAC-003 will fly at a height of 13 thousand feet. Amol Yadav said, “I first created a two-seater aircraft in 1998, then in 2003. The test of both failed. However, I learned a lot from these two failed attempts. Then he started the third attempt.” He Used the eight-cylinder automobile engine. His attempt was succeeded in 2011. Amol’s journey to make the aircraft TAC-003 was a lot of confrontation

His Mother sold Manglesutra, brother mortgages home. Brother pledged to his house. He put the tin shed on the roof of the house to make an aircraft and started working there.

Tac-003 weighs 1450 kg. It will be able to take a takeoff off of 13 thousand feet at a speed of 1500 feet per minute. The speed in the air will be 185 miles. 


Amol Got Certificate With The Help Of Fadnavis

Amit yadav

After applying the aircraft applied for DGCA certificate in the year 2011. does not make sense. In February this year, in the making of Make in India Week in Mumbai, Amol reached with it. The idea of keeping it in the exhibition. He did not have permission, then the police started taking him away.

When Chief Minister Fadnavis met this news, he called Amol. Fadnavis talked to Prime Minister Narendra Modi about this. There were 4 meetings of CM and PM. Finally work succeeded. After Independence, for the first time in the country, a private aircraft maker has got the certificate. 

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis handed him the certificate of Directorate General of Civil Aviation. Achievement not just for Amol but its a matter of pride for every Indian.

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