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When Indians are being discriminated in some places around the world, there was a time when Indians ruled over the subject of Astronomy and Mathematics. Recent discoveries say that the Indus Valley civilization was even older than the Egyptian civilization.

Likewise, here are 7 inventions that changed the world, you didn’t know were made by Indians.


1. Cotton Cultivation


Other civilizations like the Greek wore animal skin when we were cultivating cotton. The method of cultivating cotton spread around and they learnt it from the Indians.


2. Diamond Mining


Until the 18th century, when diamonds discovered in Brazil, India was the only place where diamonds were mined (how cool is that…)


3. Radio Communication


Some facts remain unknown… Though Marconi won Noble Prize for his work on demonstrating Wireless communication, Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose demonstrated it, 2 years prior to Marconi. And yes, he was appreciated for his work. But, like a century after his demonstration (-_-)


4. Ink


In South India, writing with Ink and a needle on a palm leaf was so popular from 4th century. Though other civilizations discovered their own method for writing, we were the precursors!


5. Binary Code


I don’t actually have to stress how important this is. The screen you’re reading this, your computer, smartphone everything works based on this.

This was discovered back in 2000 BC(Wut?!) by a the earliest known scholar called Pingala.

The invention is changing the world even after 4000 years.


6. Plastic Surgery


Yeah, we were practicing Plastic Surgery too, during 2000 BC. Not the exact way we do today. But come on, without any kinda technology, it was completely awesome to think of something like this.


7. Fibre Optics


Last, but should’ve been the first, this is invented by an unsung hero of India, Dr. Narinder Singh. He was the one who invented the Fibre Optics technology. Today, it’s being one of the major means of communications.



Proud Indian here!

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