Bollywood female actors who smoke in real life



When Bollywood actors smoke on screen it does not shock us anymore, be it lady or man.  Bollywood makes stories out of real life. Consquentially, many films portray their characters smoking and drinking in the silver screen. Following are few Bollywood female actors who smoke in real life as well.

1. Manisha Koirala

 Of late, Manisha is on the news for all the wrong reasons like smoke or alcohol abuse. Photos of her smoking or drinking have been on media for quite a while now. Nevertheless she has not felt the need to hide it from the public eyes. Incidentally she was caught smoking even on her wedding day by the camera.



2. Sushmita Sen

This modern beauty is more than an actor. More than once she has proved that she is independent and strong in real life too. Hence she insists that she plays bold and unique characters in the movies just like her. As a matter of fact there is one more thing that is common to the characters she portrays and her is the love for smoking.


3. Rani Mukherjee

For few like this petite and talented actor a day doesn't start or end without a smoke. She has been spotted smoking in the sets as well public many a times. Inspite of that, she has never shied away from accepting the fact even during her interviews.


4. Konkona Sen

This dusky beauty has no qualms calling herself as a chain smoker. Incidentally she spoke an interview about her attempts to quit smoking and failing at it.


5. Kangana Ranaut

Kangana has played several critically acclaimed roles on the screen. While most of her roles are wild and vivacious to say the least, her real life is not any less wild. Furthermore she stands by the statement smoking and drinking alcohol is a personal choice. 


We understand smoking is injurious to health nor are we promoting smoking or drinking.

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