Good News For All Frequent Flyers Of Indian Flights



Worrying how to upload picture in Instagram while flying ? Miss tweeting in mid-air ?

Well, let me tell you, there is a good news coming for all frequent flyers.


Flyers Wi-FiRef

Soon, Wi-Fi and call making facilities will be available in Indian Airspace.


Civil aviation secretary RN Choubey says, "There is a fairly good chance that in ten days, permission will be given to operate Wi-Fi in the Indian airspace."


Currently while flying in the Indian airspace, flyers are not allowed to use mobile phones and internet.


Reason Behind Why Wi-Fi Was Not Allowed?

Laws in India stipulate that the server has to be local, which increases cost and hence all airlines shied away from offering it.


New Revolution



Civil aviation secretary's promise brought new hope to all air passengers in India. So next time when you will fly in Indian airspace you will definitely be excited. As you don't have to depend only on songs but also you can use Facebook, Whatsapp etc. smiley


Excited about it ?


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