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Whatever may be the reasons, some Indians try to get settled in abroad. In those, some try to help India and some just ignore and mind their business. These days even the kids know about H1B Visa.

It is an employment-based non-immigrant visa issued for a specialty occupation. There is news that states Trump administration made tough rules to get H1B Visa approval.

In this chaos, the US Department of Labor (DoL) has released the list of top ten companies that received maximum H-1B specialty occupation labor certifications for the fiscal year 2018, ending on September 30.

Here are the 10 companies that received maximum foreign labor certifications.

1. Ernst and Young -151,164 H-1B Visa Certifications


Ernst and Young (E&Y) company received 151,164 H-1B specialist occupation labor certifications for the fiscal year 2018 ending on September 30.


2. Deloitte Consulting, LLP – 69,869 H-1B Visa Certifications


Deloitte Consulting received 69,869 H-1B specialty occupations for the fiscal year 2018 ending on September 30 which makes for 5.7% of the total visas.


3. Cognizant Technology Solutions, US Corp – 47,732 H-1B Visa Certifications


Cognizant Technology Solutions grabbed the third spot with 47,732 visa certifications which is 3.9% of the total annual certifications.


4. HCL America, Inca – 42,820  H-1B Visa Certifications


HCL America, Inc got 42,820 certifications in the fiscal year 2018 which makes for 3.5% of total visa certifications.


5. KForce, Inc – 32,996 H-1B Visa Certifications


KForce firm received 32,996 certifications.

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